Why ARC Employees LOVE LEADS

“Oh I cannot find words to express how I have been motivated and blessed by taking many of ARC LEADS classes! I started taking these course…when I began [as a] security guard. I was encouraged to register in ARC LEADS and started taking classes in logistics management where I got certificates from ARC Headquarters and felt that my skills [were] improving. I talked to my country director at that time…I showed him the certificates, he then interviewed me and tested my skills in logistics /supply chain… Then he promoted me as Logistics Assistant and from that point I have grown and become Logistics Officer. I am continuing with LEADS classes … and can only say thank you for everybody who is working to support us to take these courses without any financial burden on us.”  —Learner in Sudan

“[As] staff we were traveling to the field. [An employee] managed to translate for us a word in French, much to our surprise. I was prompted to ask where he learned it from, and he proudly said ‘from ARC LEADS!'” —Learner in Uganda

“It is important to take these free classes and improve our skills and knowledge. I am proud to help ARC Sudan program staff to register in these eLearning classes and see how staff [are] motivated and excited. I feel so proud whenever I receive our LEADS certificates from Headquarters… It is always wonderful moment when a participant of LEADS receives his/her certificate.” —Learner in Sudan