Why ARC Employees love ARC LEADS

“Oh I cannot find words to express how I have been motivated and blessed by taking many of ARC LEADS classes! I started taking these course…when I began [as a] security guard. I was encouraged to register in ARC LEADS and started taking classes in logistics management where I got certificates from ARC Headquarters and felt that my skills [were] improving. I talked to my country director at that time…I showed him the certificates, he then interviewed me and tested my skills in logistics /supply chain… Then he promoted me as Logistics Assistant and from that point I have grown and become Logistics Officer. I am continuing with LEADS classes … and can only say thank you for everybody who is working to support us to take these courses without any financial burden on us.”  —Learner in Sudan

“I remember on the day of my graduation from university, my father told me that a good idea or a vision of a single person can impact so many people’s lives on the planet. He said that to me, asking me to keep learning to be that person who will impact so many lives. Since then, I believe that learning has no limits, but it was also a big challenging for me thinking about how I will continue learning. Now I think I am a lucky person to be able to learn at no cost. I found in ARC LEADS relevant and self-paced training, which I can take at my own comfort and requirement. Sometimes I go to the field, and I face challenges. I come back to my computer and search on LEADS to find suitable training that I can take to allow me overcome the challenges I face.” —Learner in Sudan