PMD Pro Project Management Classes

ARC LEADS offers free self-paced eLearning courses aligned with the PMD Pro Certification (a professional certification independent of ARC LEADS).  Taken individually or as a series, these courses are valuable and will be relevant for nearly ARC employee’s job.

In addition to the course content, there are a number of resources available on the PMD Pro Self Study Site:

PMD Pro certification: This requires an additional test outside of ARC LEADS through APMG, an international accrediting organization. If you wish to pursue this professional certification, you should use the above resources at a minimum to prepare. Specifically, the PMD Pro Guide is the most important resource and should be studied exhaustively. Note: the LML Project Management courses are intended to REINFORCE the learning in the Guide; anyone wishing to take the test should study the Guide in addition to the courses. Before taking the exam, take as many practice exams as you like.